History and Ethos

History and Ethos

Our History


King’s School founded by Mrs Mary Smyth, situated at the Plymouth Christian Centre


Moved to current premises after outgrowing Plymouth Christian Centre. The school began trading as KingsCare Ltd


Baroness Cox officially opened the school on 13th November 1992


Nursery established called ‘Les Enfants’, now King’s Nursery


Recognised as ‘Designated School with Religious Character’


KingsCare Ltd sold King’s School to Cognita Schools Group


King’s School achieved ‘Outstanding in all areas’, SIS inspection report


King’s School celebrated its 25th anniversary

Our Ethos, Aims and Mission Statement

Our school is a special place where children feel valued and imagination is alive. We nurture talents at King’s and strong friendships are made here so that all the children develop a confidence and independence that is recognised by everyone who meets them.

We truly believe it is essential for each child to have a happy and enjoyable education. They are encouraged to reach their full potential across the curriculum and to take pride in their work and achievements.

We acknowledge that every one of our pupils is totally unique – a fact that we celebrate.

King’s is a school with a strong Christian ethos. This is evident in our teaching philosophy and in the daily life of the school. Throughout their time at King’s, we endeavour to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect with the children, whilst encouraging individuals to feel that their unique contribution is valued. We have golden rules that maintain our high standards and the respectful attitudes we share with one another on a daily basis.

Our objective is to develop the highest standards of self-discipline and behaviour within a supportive environment.

It is our belief that children experience a greater sense of security within a well-disciplined system.

The Aims of King’s School

We aim to help children realise their potential in terms of academic achievement, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual awareness.  We encourage children, whilst being individuals, to respect themselves as well as the rights, views and property of others.  We seek to help children develop a responsible and independent attitude towards their work and promote their well being.

Mission Statement

We provide, within a nurturing Christian environment, an excellent, child-centred, holistic education.  We believe:


  • in promoting a Christian ethos
  • each child is a valued individual
  • each child should be enabled and encouraged to reach their full potential
  • in building a solid foundation of emotional, spiritual and behavioural stability
  • in working in partnership
  • in developing high self esteem
  • in excellence
  • in fostering a love of learning within and beyond the classroom
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