Outdoor Learning and Forest School

Outdoor Learning and Forest School

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

There are numerous benefits to taking lessons outside of the classroom whilst in the early years of education. Developing a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment in which they live, is not only invaluable to the children of today, but also for future generations. The earlier that responsibility is taken for the environment, the greater the preservation for our planet will thrive.

Children also benefit from being allowed to take measured risks, learning about safety and assessing situations before making a decision. In Forest School children are taught about fire making and shelter building, at Beach School they learn about rock pools, tidal zones and caring for the environment.

A big part of our outside educational programme is teamwork, we encourage our pupils to work together in the tasks that we set them, this is great for social development and promoting cooperation.

Forest School

Lessons go ahead whatever the weather! This is a Danish concept which encourages children to develop a real appreciation and understanding for their natural environment.

Children get the opportunity to attend Forest school once a week, where they spend time with a qualified Forest School Teacher where they learn skills such as tool safety and use, den building and survival skills, natural artworks, knowledge of flora and fauna, biodiversity studies and use fire for cooking.

These are just some of the lessons that we have held at Forest School and each session is designed not only educate the child in an academic sense but also in a physical way and to encourage social development.

Nearby Wembury Beach is used for Beach Schools.  Activities the children we have enjoyed are shelter building, mini raft race, tidal zones study and rock pooling.

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