Year 4 Curriculum

Year 4 Curriculum


Children are given a wide range of opportunities to look at and study different texts and genres both in reading
and writing. The children are encouraged to discuss these texts and to express their feelings and opinions. In creative writing sessions, the children plan their work first, often sharing their ideas with others before writing. In all writing sessions, they are encouraged to then edit their own, making improvements to what they have written, before working alongside others. The children draft their work, which allows them to make any necessary changes before presenting their work. The children have opportunities to write across the curriculum where they should consider their audience and purpose for writing. The children also have sessions of drama and speaking and listening, whether as part of an English lesson or in other curriculum subjects, where they can take on roles and express themselves verbally. This may be as part of playwriting lessons. Dictation, spelling sentences about the class topic which provide individual spellings lists for spelling tests.


In year 4 the children will continue building on their knowledge of the four operations using them in problem solving within number, algebra, measures, and data handling. They learn about the relationship between different units of measures. They will use fractions and decimal notation and will investigate the equivalence between fractions and decimals. The children will further their understanding of time, properties of 2D and 3D shapes and co-ordinates solving problems in these areas. They continue to build on their knowledge of data handling, presenting and interpreting data in a number of different ways, including tally charts, bar graphs, pictograms, Carroll and Venn diagrams. They will also work on angles within a triangle and measuring angles.


Through the year the children will study separating solids, liquids and gases, electricity, sound, living things, circuits and conductors, keeping warm, friction, moving and growing and animal habitats. In years 3 and 4 we alternate visiting Paignton Zoo and the Eden Project for a day, over the two years, to understand animal habitats in more detail. In addition they will focus on practical aspects and develop scientific skills such as observation, planning tests and fair testing, sorting and classifying, predicting and hypothesising so that children can solve problems more scientifically. Children are encouraged to work independently as well as in groups.

Design and Technology

We are emphasising the practical skills of technology through various projects. The children
will cover different aspects of DT throughout the year including making models powered electrically and also pneumatically. Food technology linked with their geography topic of India in the summer term. They will have the opportunity to design, make and evaluate whilst learning key skills such as cutting and joining.

Information Technology

Taught by a specialist teacher.


In the Autumn and Spring Term we study the invaders and settlers who came to Britain from the time of the Celts to the Norman conquest in 1066. This period includes the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We look at major events and personalities and the influence they had on the world and how they have contributed to life today.  There is also a Saxon day held in the Spring term where the children explore what life was like for Anglo-Saxons. In the Summer term we study the history of India with a brief overview of the whole of Indian history.  We will develop the children’s understanding of chronology and importance of evidence used to explain the past.


We study the British Isles alongside the history topic of invaders and settlers. In this we look and the growth
of settlements from early times through to modern cities. We also look at the countries that make up the United Kingdom in some detail. In the summer term we do a study of India and compare and contrast life in that country to life in the UK. In both topics we continue to work on mapping skills, climate and geographical features as well as human geography in relation to settlements and life in a different country.


Throughout the year we will cover different skills in art from, including printing, collage, textiles, drawing and painting. The children will have the opportunity to explore the different media, look at work of other artists as well as expressing their own thoughts and ideas.


Taught by a specialist teacher.

Physical Education

In dance and gymnastics they are encouraged to create, refine and evaluate sequences. In games they develop their ball handling skills, tactical and spatial awareness, team work as well as good sportsmanship. The children have half a term of swimming and tennis, building on skills they have gained previously in other years.

Religious Education

In RE the children learn about the life and teachings of Jesus from the Bible. The children also study some Old Testament characters from the bible and the life of some famous Christians through history right up to the present day. We also look at Christian festivals including advent, Christmas and Easter.

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