Inspection Report

Inspection Report

King's School and Nursery Outstanding in All Areas

King's School and Nursery Inspection

  King’s School and Nursery 2019

Our latest School and Nursery inspection was carried out between 25th and 26th September 2019.  The inspection was a regulatory compliance inspection and King’s was judged to meet the standards in all areas of the regulations.

The Early Years and Foundation Stage was inspected at the same time, to the new OFSTED framework, September 2019.  King’s Nursery was judged to be outstanding in all areas of our provision.

Summary of main findings:

“Children make rapid progress from their starting points.  They separate easily from their parents, engage in activities readily and are well prepared for their transition to the next stage of education.”

“Staff show that they have an excellent understanding of how children learn at this age.  They plan exciting activities to give children experiences which develop their learning.  Detailed planning shows that staff have high expectations of what each child can achieve in relation to their age and stage of development.”

“Children demonstrate excellent behaviour and show great respect for one another, often helping each other to fetch things or joining in applause to celebrate each other’s success.  Staff remind them gently how to share things and play in a cooperative manner.”

“Highly effective care practices support the children’s emotional security and development of their character so that children feel extremely happy and safe.”

“Leaders and mangers have a very clear vision for the setting.  They consistently monitor the standards of care and regularly scrutinise the curriculum to ensure that high standards are maintained.”


School Inspection

 SIS Inspection Report May 2016


School Inspection carried out between 23rd and 25th May 2016. The overall judgement found that King’s School is “Outstanding in all areas.”


Summary of main findings:

“King’s School provides an outstanding quality of education for its pupils. They make excellent progress in their learning.”

“Personal development is excellent and pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. The level of care and nurture for pupils throughout the school is exceptional.”

“The leadership and management, including governance, are outstanding. School leaders have ensured that the school meets its aims to enrich the education of all learners.”

“The effectiveness of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is outstanding. Children make excellent progress in their learning and development and are extremely well prepared for their future learning.”

Nursery Inspection

 SIS Inspection Report May 2016

Nursery carried out between 23rd and 25th May 2016 by Dr Martin Bradley.  His overall judgement is “Good in all areas.”


Summary of main findings:

“The children make good progress in their learning and development relative to their starting points and the range of their needs. By the age of three they are well prepared for the next stage of their education.”

“Emotional security is outstandingly well fostered by the particularly caring staff.”

“Leadership and management evaluate practice effectively and successfully promote children’s development to improve their life chances.”

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