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Academic Excellence

Quality learning & support

At King's School, academic excellence is the cornerstone of our educational approach. We are committed to providing a rigorous and inspiring learning environment, empowering pupils to excel in their studies and develop a thirst for knowledge.

With experienced educators and innovative methods, we pave the way for a bright future.


Our flexible approach to teaching helps bring out the potential

We teach with passion, expertise, and innovation. Our dedicated educators use a pupil-centred approach, catering to individual needs and fostering a love for learning. Through interactive lessons, hands-on experiences, and personalised guidance, we empower students to explore, question, and grow academically and personally, preparing them for a successful future.

Our ethos is centred on creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that values academic excellence, character development, and individual growth. We strive to inspire a lifelong love for learning, foster creativity, and instil core values of integrity, respect, and compassion. With a strong sense of community, we empower pupils to become confident and compassionate leaders.

Absolutely outstanding education and support all around which extends children through such a variety of opportunities while nurturing their wellbeing.

 – Parent, King’s School

Join us for a Personal Tour

We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

Enjoy a guided tour of the school, arranged by a member of our friendly Admissions Team who can answer any questions you may have.


Inspiring education & nurturing talent

To ensure the success of each of our pupils, both academically and personally, we are committed to providing a stimulating and suitably challenging curriculum. We aim to create opportunities for the nurturing of specific skills and talents.

We believe every child is entitled to an education that empowers them to realise their complete potential, whether intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, spiritual, or social.

Our emphasis lies in igniting a passion for learning, fostering curiosity, cultivating effective research skills, and promoting collaborative work among our students

Secondary School Pupil Allocation

Grammar School57%71%52%45%60%
Other Independent13%5%24%13%9%
Local State School30%24%24%42%31%

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