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In Years 3 to 6, we empower our pupils to become independent learners, taking ownership of their daily tasks. Our approach emphasises problem-solving, practical learning, and fostering curiosity to deepen their understanding.

With dedicated subject coordinators who bring expertise and passion to each department, we ensure exciting and stimulating schemes of work and lessons in all subjects. We guide children in self-discovery, preparing them to choose the senior school that aligns with their individual needs, resulting in numerous scholarships, grammar school, and specialised school offers.


Preparing for more

The junior curriculum at King's School Plymouth is designed to foster academic excellence and holistic development. Students engage in a rich array of subjects including Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, Languages, and the Arts. The curriculum is structured to promote critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning.

Specialist teachers enhance the learning experience in subjects like Music and Spanish with a focus on individualized attention, the curriculum prepares students for a seamless transition to higher education while nurturing values and a sense of community.

Our core subject for years 3 to 6 include:


Throughout our English teaching and learning in KS2, children are immersed in a language rich environment. We use a range of teaching resources leading to text immersion.

Ed Tech

With our ever-evolving, meaningfully constructed digital curriculum, our fundamental aim is to furnish our learners with the skills to confidently and competently navigate through the rapidly changing world that they are growing up in.


At King’s School, the study of History helps to give children a sense of their own identity within our country’s social, political, cultural and economic background. We ensure the progressive development of historical concepts such as: ‘significance’, ‘continuity and change’ and ‘evaluating evidence’.


King’s School’s personal, social and health education (PSHE) programme promotes children's personal, social and economic development, as well as their health and wellbeing.


Art in KS2 at King’s School aims to increase confidence in creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge around famous artists, their techniques and the understanding of what art means to everyone.

Specialist subjects

Throughout KS2, we have specialist subject teachers who teach and instil a love of learning for their subject. These subjects include Musical Theatre, Spanish, Music, Computing, Rugby, Ballet and Computing.

Fantastic environment for my child who is happy to go to school and has gone from strength to strength.

 – Parent, King’s School

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We warmly welcome families throughout the year, offering tailored personal tours on a day that suits you, including school holidays.

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Facilities & Location

Where little minds blossom

The nursery facilities at King's School are designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for your child's early education. These facilities include age-appropriate play areas that encourage exploration and learning.

In addition, the nursery at King's School offers a range of educational resources, qualified staff, and a structured curriculum to support your child's development and prepare them for future educational experiences.

Begin an unforgettable adventure.

At King’s School, your child’s journey is a transformative experience. They’ll thrive in a nurturing environment with caring educators, engaging in personalised learning.

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