Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 Curriculum


Speaking and Listening

The children will be given the opportunity to talk about things that interest them via “Show and Tell”; to join discussions relating to the curriculum; to listen and respond appropriately.

Reading and Writing

The children will work through the Read Write Inc. phonics program working on all aspects of reading and writing, accessing both fiction and non-fiction books. In addition each child will read to an adult or an older child twice a week and follow the ORT scheme. Most children will have completed the scheme by the end of the first term of the year and so will move on to free choice books. The children will be encouraged to use a wide range of vocabulary; write in full sentences punctuated with full stops, capital letters and begin to include speech marks and exclamation marks correctly; spell words using both a phonetic approach and their own orthographic knowledge; join their handwriting consistently.


The topics to be studied in maths will be: place value to 1,000, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, adding and subtracting with 2 and 3 digit numbers, finding the difference, properties of 2D and 3D shape, simple fractions of shapes and numbers, capacity, weight, simple algebra, Mental math’s skills will also be developed. They will follow the Abacus Math’s Scheme.


The following topics will be studied: Health and Growth, Living Things and Their Habitats: Plants, Animals including humans, Use of everyday materials. This is a very practical subject area so there is lots of scope for investigation, sorting, classifying, and using appropriate vocabulary and recording/evaluating findings.

Design Technology

The children will design, make and evaluate: a healthy, balanced meal, a 3D model with moving parts and various puppets. Food technology will cover basic skills and food hygiene linked to wider topic areas.  They will also work on a class product which they can sell as their business at the annual market.


Taught by a specialist teacher.


The children will learn how to place events in order, create timelines, differentiate between the past and present, recall simple facts, find answers to questions and be able to give a cause for an event. Topics covered include: Ancient Greeks, Castles and Dwellings, London Now and Then (including the Great Plague and Fire), Plymouth and the Sea.


The children will have the opportunity to study London and China as a comparison to their own locality. Local geography will be explored looking at how the city has changed over the years and local tourism. The children will create maps and plans. Geography and History are taught as part of joint topics.  They study the way the world is put together such as hemispheres, continents, countries, cities etc.


The children will explore and develop their skills via: 3D art, textiles, printing, mixed media, observational drawing and printing.


In class lessons the children have the opportunity to play a variety of classroom percussion instruments and learn to play in time, recall patterns, and copy and create simple patterns, they also create sequences and combine sounds. They learn to read simple notation and have the opportunity to represent sounds with symbols. They listen to their performances and are increasingly able to suggest improvements to their work. They are encouraged to sing in tune, in time and with some expression. They can sing simple songs in 2 parts and simple rounds in parts. They listen to a wide variety of music from different genres and cultures and are given the opportunity to talk about what they have heard and are encouraged to use musical vocabulary.

Physical Education

The children will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of games (hockey, football, netball), gymnastics, dance, tennis and swimming. The children will develop their skills, agility and co-ordination.

Religious Education

The children will focus on: certain characters of the Old Testament, Harvest Festival, Christmas, class assembly, the Church, the Easter Story, The Parables of Jesus and Christian Rites of Passage: Marriage, Christenings, birth customs. The children will also participate in Circle time promoting a positive and caring atmosphere, respecting values and differences.


Taught by a specialist teacher.

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