Years 3 to 6

Years 3 to 6

Years 3 to 6

Our principle themes in the Junior Department are:

  • Growing the self-confidence of every child or, in their words, “giving them wings”
  • Developing self-awareness and independent learning so that the children are able to express their opinions and take initiative when needed
  • Building resilience and preparing them for transition to secondary education.

We are careful to focus our attention on individual learning needs so as to ensure that your child fulfils the best of their potential. We know that, in the upper junior years, thoughts turn to life after King’s. As a genuinely independent school, we are able to advise on the secondary school that is best suited to your child’s talents and aspirations and to support him or her through the entire transition process. As part of our approach, we offer additional support in preparing your child for successful entry into their chosen school through SATs, the 11+ examination or other school entrance assessment requirements.

We know the value of establishing good study habits from an early age and use homework to consolidate learning, gradually increasing the expectation throughout the junior years.
Perhaps what matters most, though, is that your child looks back on their junior school experience with a genuine sense of joy and fulfilment, whilst also knowing that they have acquired real life skills. This is why we make it a priority to ensure that each child has some special experiences in the Junior Department, including:

  • Learning to read for pleasure
  • Engaging in adventurous residential visits
  • Taking part in a challenging Year 6 play
  • Taking on responsible roles as young adults – whether as house captains, prefects or mentors.

In short, our passion is to equip your children with the tools they need to confidently seize all of the opportunities that will come their way.

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