Year 3 Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum


In Year 3 we are studying a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts ranging from poetry, traditional
tales, to letters and reports. After studying these texts in depth, the children will be encouraged to write
creatively using these strategies. Speaking and listening skills are developed through drama and circle time
activities. The children will learn to read and spell all or most of the 400 Key Words. They will be taught to
join their handwriting and present work neatly.


In Year 3 the children will work with numbers to, and sometimes beyond, 1000. They will
practise their 2,3,4, 5, and 10 times tables and become familiar with methods of multiplication and division.
They will also investigate fractions. We will use units of measurement and investigate aspects of time, 2D and
3D shapes. They will encounter money problems and work with bar graphs and methods of interpreting data.
Mental arithmetic will be practised every week and a range of methods will be considered.


We will explore teeth and eating, plants, characteristics of materials, rock and soils, magnets and
springs and light and shadows. In addition we will focus on practical aspects and develop scientific skills such as
observation, planning tests and fair testing, sorting and classifying, predicting and hypothesising so that
children can solve problems more scientifically.

Design and Technology

We are emphasising the practical skills of technology through various projects.
The children will cover three areas throughout the year, structures, mechanisms and mouldable materials.
They will have the opportunity to experiment with different methods of joining a wide range of materials and
planning their own end product. The children will make bridges, pop up cards and moving African animals as well
as African masks.

Information Technology

Taught by a specialist teacher.


We will be studying aspects of life during Victorian times, looking at the influence they had on the
world and how they have contributed to life today. We also study the history of Africa and look at the Benin
kingdom. This leads us into a study of life in Ancient Egypt and using a range of sources of evidence to find out
about the Pharaohs, Egyptian tombs, pyramids and burial sites.


Geography for this year is centered around Africa. We study both the physical features such as
the rainforest, desert, grasslands, River Nile and waterfalls as well as studying the people of Africa and how
varied are their lives and how the environment affects them.


The children will explore a variety of media and create pieces in 2D and 3D form. Observational drawing
skills will be developed by looking closely at objects related to Africa. We will explore techniques and develop
skills in print making and graphic art. We work on improving our sewing skills and creating depth using layers.
The children will study a number of famous artists throughout the year.


The children will have the opportunity to respond to various styles of music and learn and perform a
selection of songs throughout the year. We will study the musical elements of duration, pitch, tempo, dynamics
and structure.

Physical Education

Gymnastics and dance are undertaken in the autumn and spring terms, athletics and
adventurous activities in the summer. A variety of games throughout the year will provide Year 3 children with
a range of activities to develop their physical awareness and creativity. The children will have 6 x 1 hour
lessons at swimming.

Religious Education

The book of 1 Samuel and 1 Kings are our focus studying the lives of Samuel, David, Solomon and Elijah. The concept of faith is discussed and examples from the Bible are used to highlight this
concept. The Fruit of the Spirit are covered and discussed in relation to our lives. Christmas from Mary’s
viewpoint and Easter with the focus being on Palm Sunday and The Last Supper are also studied.

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