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For more details on how we are preparing for a safe return to school this September, read our Back to School Guide.


Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum


Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum

We recognise that learning from home will not always be straightforward, with multiple family members sharing devices and space and parents needing to work and supervise children simultaneously. We therefore trust that the programme outlined below will help to overcome some of these challenges and allow for patterns to be established within each home, fitting in with work and family schedules.

Work will be set each day, but the Online Teaching and Learning Programme is flexible, and we understand that there may be times that pupils cannot be online.

Our Online Teaching and Learning Programme is designed around the school’s existing curriculum. This is the curriculum that your child would be working to when in school. Of course, we need to make adaptations to take account of delivering via the online platform. Our programme blends a mix of online and offline content and experiences, including:

Synchronous online teaching with the whole class: This is when a teacher connects online with a class group. This could be for form time or a specific class. Teachers may arrange this for part of a lesson in order to minimise elongated periods of time on the screen.

Synchronous online teaching with a group: This is when a teacher connects online with a smaller group of pupils. This could be for a specific aspect of academic work, e.g. the Class Teacher working with a greater depth group of 4-5 pupils. It could also be for a wellbeing check in when a member of staff checks in with a group to discuss how things are going in this new way of working.

Synchronous one-to-one: There may be rare occasions when 1:1 input is required. We ask that an adult is present/in the same room with your child if they have a 1:1 session with a teacher.

Asynchronous teaching: This is when a teacher pre-prepares teaching input, often by a short video and uploads for pupils to view. This is an effective way of delivering short pieces of teaching content to support learning.

Asynchronous learning tasks: This is when a teacher sets tasks and activities for pupils to complete. These usually follow some teaching input. These tasks may reinforce previous learning or apply new learning.

Live Lessons and Catching Up on Missed Lessons

All online live lesson will be recorded, the reasons are twofold:

  • Educational – If your child misses an online session, they will be able to catch up. The recording also means that the input to the lesson can be watched back at any time and used to problem solve any questions. The recorded lessons are available for 7 days in the Class team subject channel.
  • Safeguarding – The online safeguarding of your child is paramount; we want to make sure that your child is always looked after. The recording of online lessons means that if any problems arise, the matter can be dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Recordings are saved onto Microsoft Stream, part of Microsoft 365, and these are intergraded into Teams. Only children and teachers in each Class/Year Team have access to the relevant channels where the videos are stored for 7 days.

For educational and safeguarding reasons, all lessons must be recorded as explained above. However, it is completely optional whether you turn your device’s camera on. If your child will not be having the device’s camera on at any time, please let your class teacher know so that they are fully informed.

In light of the transition to online learning, please note we have updated our Privacy Notices, and these can be found on our school’s website.

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